What is Freelancing & which person can start?

Freelancing is a process of earning money via the internet for free of cost. Everyone wants to do job when he completed their graduation. But today everyone cannot afford money of universities or out of country graduation.

When they completed their graduation there are only two options for him that 1. Start Business 2. Become a freelancer. But when they start their own business then it also should be lots of money to start an authority business.

But freelancing not demands any money. Every person can start it with zero cost and makes a lot of money. But first, you will need a skill to start freelancing. Skill is a very important thing in our life because everything needs skills in the world. So first you need to learn at least one skill or more as you can.

There are many skills on the internet which can you learn.

1. Graphic Designing 
2. Digital Marketing 
3. Content Writing  
4. Social Media Marketing
and many skills are available on the internet which you can learn easily and makes a lot of money.

There are also demandable skills in 2020.

1. Video Editing 
2. Voice Over 
3. Social Media Marketing
These skills are the best for beginners because you can learn to complete this in a few months and makes money from freelancing.

You can provide your service on different freelancing marketplaces. There are too many freelancing websites on the internet on which you can provide your service without any cost. It is the best option to start a business online and makes a lot of money.

There are two types of freelancing.

1. Traditional freelancing marketplace
2. Non-traditional freelancing marketplace

1. Traditional freelancing marketplace

On the traditional freelancing marketplace, you can directly bid on projects. For example, A person post a project on the marketplace then different persons bid on this project then the buyer chooses the favorite freelancer and gave him a project. 

2. Non-traditional freelancing marketplace

On the non-traditional freelancing marketplace you will offer a gig to their clients that what you can do for him. Then the buyer chooses you to work with him if you will follow the instruction which the buyer gives you.

There is only one famous non-traditional freelancing marketplace is Fiverr. It is the best option for newbies to start earning and best for who wants not bidding.  On Fiverr, you will provide your service as a Gig and when any buyer purchased a gig from you then you can start earning easily.

So Freelancing is the best for peoples who finding jobs but not get after graduation. It is the best option to start earning at home without any cost.

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