Earn money by selling photos

If you are interested in photography and have a good experience then you can make a lot of money from your pictures. It is a simple work that you can easily. First, you need professional photos and then upload your photos on the below websites that will pay you about $80 per image.

It is the best option to start work online by selling photos. We will discuss some sites that will pay you highly. If you uploading the pictures on site without reading his history then it is very bad because it will require the high tax.

These sites are listed below:

1. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a famous and 100% satisfied website that pays you from uploading the photos. When anyone purchased your photo then you will receive your payment. You can earn up to $100 per image.

Total, Photographers have earned over $300 million now that worked on Shutterstock. So you will know that it is the largest website on the internet. On Shutterstock, you can also sell your videos, HD, $K, etc.

But if you are not a photographer but want to earn by selling photos, you can hire a photographer and make some commission per image.

2. iStockphoto

This site is also a big site on the internet where you can earn by selling your photos. It is an old website since 2001. You can earn a  big amount from this website by selling photos online.

If you want to register on this site, Simply click on the category that is your favorite and fill a small form for free. It is all free. When you will submit your application then iStockphoto review your application and then upload some photo samples on this site.

When the team accepted your application then you can earn up to 15% commission per image.

3. Getty Images

This is also the best website for selling your photos. It requires high-quality work if you are a publisher. Getty Images provides the good commission that starts with 20%.

4. 500px

500px is the best site for publishers because it is also a community website.  For publishers, you can follow others photographers and create different ideas. You can create high-quality and unique photos by following other photographers.

5. Adobe Stock

If you are a photographer then you also know about the Adobe Stock market. It is the best site to sell your professional photos. Adobe Stock gives us almost 33% commission per photo. 

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