If you have a website on blogger but you have not known about its setting. Don't worry I will teach you the complete setting of a blogger site for SEO. Because the setting is a very important thing to rank a site, so you will need to SEO setting on a blogger website.

If you have low budget to start a website then blogger is the best option for you because blogger provide us free hosting without paying anything. It is the best method to start a website for new users. But if you know about websites then you can also purchase hosting for the website.

Blogger provides us free hosting with a subdomain but I will be recommended that if you want to start a professional website then you purchase a top-level domain like .com, .org and other TLD domains.

So the first step is that you purchased a domain from any website but I will recommend you Namecheap and GoDaddy because these websites provide us at cheap rate domains. You can buy a domain almost under $10.

The second step of that you must connect the domain with blogger but if you did not know that How to connect domain with blogger, you can read other articles and connect the domain with blogger.

The third step is that you will the full setting of the blogger that I tell now. Go to the blogger and open the setting of your website.

In the basic setting option you will need to these setting:

Basic Setting

Title & Description: Title is very important to rank a site because the title is your brand name, without title you cannot rank your site. Then you need to set your website description which is available below the title. You will need to write a good description for your website because a good description plays an important role to rank your site.

When you have completed these setting then go to the next step.

Search preference in the setting:

The search preference option is a very important thing to rank a site and start it professionally. In search preference, there are 2 important options but we will discuss step by step.

Meta tags / Description

Meta Description: There is the first option is the mats description which is very important because it will show below site title in search results. You will need to good meta description for high rank.

Crawling & Indexing

Crawling and Indexing: In crawling and indexing, there are three options. Google search console, Custom robots.txt, Custom robots header tags. These options are very important to index your site in google search console and rank your website.

1. Google search console:

When we are making a website then it is very important to find your site in search console webmasters. Without indexing, your site cannot show in search results so you cannot get traffic without indexing. You will need to add your site to the search console.

2. Custom robots.txt:

In custom robots.txt you will need to add your sitemap of blogger website. You can generate your blogger website through labnol.org and add your sitemap content into custom robots.txt.

3. Custom robots header tags:

Custom robots header tags

Custom robots header tags are very important to index the site excellent. You will need to set up these options. The first in Homepage you will need to click on All and Noodp and in archives and search pages you will click on Noindex and Noodp and in the third option, you need to click on All and Noodp.

So this setting is very important to index and rank your website. Another simple setting of blogger, You can adjust with yourself.

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