8 powerful tips to starting a successful blog

Are you interested in blogging or want to start a blog?  Good idea!
But you do not know about blogging and worried about it. Don't worry I will teach you to complete about blogging and become able to start a successful blog. Here are these questions!

  • What you need to start a  blog?
  • What is the starting point?
  • Which topic to work on?
These are the frequently asked questions that are also very important to start a successful blog for making the highest-earning.

My story: I started a blog in 2017 on blogger, I worked on it for almost 3 months but this blog did not get visitors and then I demotivated and stop working on it. But in 2018 I started again on another blog then I get almost 300+ visitors in a day. I was very happy and this blog gets 40000+ visitors per day now.
Note: Don't be demotivated.

Here we will discuss 8 powerful tips and tricks to start a successful blog for newbies and also know about the starting point of a blog to start it.

Tips to start a successful blog

  • 1. Select your niche
  • 2. Ger domain and hosting (blogger hosting for free)
  • 3. Design your blog
  • 4. Keyword research
  • 5. Write great content
  • 6. On-page & Off-page SEO
  • 7. Make high authority backlinks
  • 8. Create social media profiles
Let's get start!

1. Select your niche

The most important to start blogging is that you choose a perfect and your favorite niche. Because when you start a blog with your favorite topic you will be able to start it perfectly and you know something about niche otherwise when you choose other niches that are not your favorite, you will be demotivated and stopped work.
Here are some profitable niches to start a blog. (Not recommended)

  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty & fashion
  • Sewing
  • Home decorated
  • Health & fitness 
These are the best niches to start a successful blog and generate more income. These niches have low competition and easily worked on it. But these are not recommended, you can start with your favorite niche.

2. Get domain and hosting (blogger hosting for free)

Domain and hosting are very important to start a blog because without hosting and domain, you cannot start work. The domain is very important because it is your brand or site name which should be professional and easy.
For Example:  (marketingworth.com)
You can purchase domains through the below sites which are the best and cheap.

  • Namecheap
  • Godaddy
These two websites are my favorite and provide cheap rate domains.


But there are two types of hosting one is blogger which is free of cost and the other is premium hosting. For beginners, I recommended blogger hosting because it is free hosting and everyone can start a blog without paying anything. So you can start it with blogger but if you want to purchase a premium hosting then I recommended you buy Siteground and Namecheap hosting.

My favorite hosting provides sites:

  • Siteground (I recommended if you have some budget)
  • Namecheap (Provide at cheap rates but its speed is slow)

3. Design your blog

If you want to make the fast speed of your blog and approve Google Adsense, so the design of your blog is very important. Because when your blog has clean and professional design there is a big chance to high rank and 99% approve Google Adsense but there is a condition that is your blog content. Your blog should be at least 20 posts with 1000+ words for monetizing.

So the design of your blog should be simple and clean that will help you to rank easily. You can choose different themes to design a blog.

Other tips will be updated very soon.

4. Keyword Research

What you are trying to rank your blog? But the blog is not ranking in search results. Don't worry I'll fully teach you about complete keyword research. Without keyword research, you cannot rank your site so it is so important to rank a blog or article. There are many free and premium tools to find low competition keywords and full keyword research.

Free keyword research tools:
  • Google keyword planner
  • Keyworddit
  • Keyword sheeter
  • Bulk keyword generator
  • Google trends
Premium keyword research tools:
  • Ahrefs
  • Mangools
  • Semrush
These premium tools are the best for professional users but for new users, I recommended using free tools which are also best.

With these tools, you can complete and exact keyword research for ranking a blog or article.

5. Write great content

Content plays a very important role to rank or build up your brand. Without great content you cannot rank your website in the search result and also the content is king. If your site has content without any keywords and logic then your site is like rubbish. But when your site has great content with proper keywords and logic then it will rank fast and get more audience.

So content should be great and have logic like provides a correct way to its audience that they want. You can write content with the help of some top websites and then you will try to write more best content then other websites. It will help to rank fast and provides goods traffic on your website.

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