12 easiest ways to make money online 2020

If you are looking for the easiest ways to make money online in 2020 then this article is very important for you. Here are too many different ways to make money online. Everyone wants to earn on the internet for free. It is also not easy because the competition in the market is very high but it is not so difficult or impossible.

Finding a job is very difficult in the situation of the world so everyone thinks about making money online for free at home. We will discuss top creative ways for making money online like Freelancing, Blogging, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Development, From survey sites, Become virtual assistant, and others.

If we start a physical business than it demanded a lot of money and everyone cannot afford a lot of money, So are you interested in us to make money without paying anything? Obviously yes.

List for making money online 2020:

1. Freelancing
2. Blogging
3. Start Dropshipping
4. Become Affiliate marketer
5. Start App development
6. Digital Marketing
7. Writing Articles for companies
8. Become Virtual Assistant
9. Sell Photos Online
10. Become an App/Website reviewer
11. Translation Languages
12. Online Tutor
13. Stock Market (Premium)

12 legal and real ways to start an online business:

1. Freelancing

Freelancing has become very popular nowadays. If you have mini digital skills like Graphic designing, Data entry, Lead generation, and others, you can start a business as a successful freelancer. If you are facing many problems like you have no skill or have not experienced, you can start it with easy skills like Translation, Making profiles on different sites, and online tutoring, etc.

There are many freelancing sites but in this article, we will discuss top sites. In this article, we will know only freelancing market places names.
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Guru.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Toptal
  • People Per Hour
  • 99 designs
These are the top best freelancing market places where we can start work easily without paying anything. You can start work part-time or full time on these websites. These freelancing sites enable peoples to make money online for a lifetime without anything. There are 2 famous Upwork and Fiverr freelancing sites. It is a great choice to make money online from these sites.

Here are the top 10 freelancing websites. You can also read this article.

2. Blogging

We also try to share the best methods to make money online. Blogging also is the one best method to generate more income. When your blog high rank on google it can generate almost $1000/m or more. Blogging is the best choice for peoples who like writing articles. For example, your blog is about electronics products you can also earn money from affiliate marketing as well as Google Adsense.

There are so many platforms to start their own blog.
  • Blogger
  • Wordpress
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Tumblr
  • Joomla
These platforms are the best for blogging but Our recommendation is Blogger (For free users)and Wordpress (For premium users). You can start your own blog easily and fast with these sites.

3. Start Dropshipping

Are you know about dropshipping or want to start it? Basically Drop Shipping is a retail fulfillment method where a seller sells a product and it purchased by a third party buyer it has directly shipped to the buyer address. Oberlo is the best method to start dropshipping from a blog. In Oberlo you have to access too many products which you can use in your blog and get more income. 

You can start dropshipping with the marketing of your products with Facebook ads or others. It is the best method to make more money by dropshipping.

4. Become Affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. There are many methods to become an affiliate marketer like Hosting affiliate, Affiliate products, etc. You can start a blog with affiliate products and start earning when a customer buys anything with your affiliate link. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you can start work for free of cost. 

There are famous and best site 'Amazon' to sell eCommerce products. Amazon allows promoting anything on it to its affiliate users. You can also promote software, apps, and digital things by your affiliate link. You can also serve affiliate links as one blog post.

When you are starting affiliate marketing with a blog, you will focus on your content because the content is king. Your product will rank with your content so content is very necessary for an affiliate marketer.

5. Start App development

If you are a app developer and looking for a job but nothing to get than this paragraph is for you. There are many platforms where you can start your business like freelancing market places Upwork and Fiverr. These freelancing sites are the best for who want to start work with app development skill.

You can also start your apps. There are two app one Paid app and another Free app. At this while, Free apps can get more money from ads or premium features. You can start your own free app and get income through google Admob ads.

6. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a place where we promote a business or site through the internet. Everyone wants to marketing their own business. Because without marketing site or business cannot rank. It is the best choice for peoples who wants to earn via the internet. You can start it with Fiverr or Upwork
  • Fiverr is the best for new users
  • Upwork is the best for intermediate users

There are many freelancing sites where you can start your career with digital marketing. It is a lifetime method. If anyone purchased a site then 100% sure he needs digital marketing for rank business.  So you can start it with free of cost and become a successful digital marketer.

7. Writing Articles for companies

If you are interested in writing then it can be very useful for you. Everyone, who has a site but he has no idea about writing articles so he hires the third person for writing articles. There are many different ways to make earning through writing such as on Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and other freelancing sites.

But in other cases, if you are hired by a company then it is very good for you because when company order for the first time then there are 90%+ chances to hire you again for writing articles. So try to work with companies and also you can work as a contract base like for 6 months or one year etc.

8. Become Virtual Assistant

What is a Virtual Assistant? A Virtual Assistant is a man who plays a role in the growing business of third party men via the internet.  It is a great choice if you have skills like Data entry, Editing and proofreading, Website design, and other skills.

Your work as a virtual assistant is that you will work as an assistant to a third party man such as decide to price structure, some deals, etc. If you want to become a virtual assistant then you can work on many freelancing platforms.

9. Sell Photos Online

There are many websites where we can sell our professional photos. It is the best method to start income whose peoples are liked photography. You can earn money from any type of photos but must be looking good and professional. Stock photos of online websites require hard guidelines to sell photos online.

1. Shutterstock
2. iStock photo
3. Photooshelter
4. Adobe stock
5. Alamy

These stock photo websites are the best for you if you want to sell your photos online because it provides us the best revenue. You can try it without hesitation. But if you want to make your own stock website, you can also make a website and generate revenue from selling images.

10. Become an App/Website reviewer

If you are interested in reviewing app and websites then it is a great choice for you to get money online. There are many platforms where you can start your business as an app or website reviewer.

11. Translation Languages

The manual translation is not easy because if you a citizen of us then your national language is English but when you got a project of English to Spanish translation then you will be stuck at a point. But here is a personal trick to start translation is that you can translate languages through Google translate. It is so simple and easy. 

You can start translation on many platforms like  Fiverr, Upwork and others.

12. Online Tutor

If you are interested in teaching then it the best choice for you. You can also start online tutoring to their students by teaching different subjects. You can teach like English or Science subjects online.

You will get good income by tutoring subjects. You can make $1000/m online easily. There are many websites on internet that provide you with teaching online.

1. Chegg
2. Learn to Be
3. TutorMe
4. Smart Thinking

These websites are the best for you if you want to start online tutoring.

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